Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Small, Light and Agile –360° View and Dimensions

In order to ensure that you get everywhere with your YippieYo, we reduced weight and size as far as possible and made it really easy to fold and to unfold for transportation.

Dimensions. With a width of less than 75 cm in running order, the YippieYo Crossbuggy fits easily through any standard door. Moreover, it is extremely agile due to its single axis construction and the mounting of the towing bar directly at the lower chassis, regardless of being pulled or pushed.

Transport. YippieYo is ready for transport in three easy steps: Fold in the backrest and the towing bar and remove the wheels – ready. With its pack size of 94/72/35 (length/width/heigt in cm) it fits easily in the trunk of any middle-class car.

Seat Covers. All seat covers are dirt and water repellent and can be removed and cleaned if required. All fabrics correspond to OEKO-TEX® standard 100 – product class 1 (fabrics for babies and toddlers up to the third year).

Weight. The chassis is made out of pure aluminum and weights – despite high-end components in mountain bike quality – only 12 kg.

Approval. TheYippieYo Crossbuggy is GS-certified (guaranteed safety) for up to two kids with a maximum total weight of 40 kg (inkl. 5 kg luggage). The luggage carrier is approved up to 5 kg. The Crossbuggy is suited for children of 12 months or older (up to 40 kg) that can already seat without support.

Here you can download a PDF version of the User Manual with helpful safety information. English Version and German Version. Please also consider the Checklist before taking off with your YippieYo.