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Made For Mums

Looking for an all terrain buggy but finding it hard to choose which three or four-wheeler best suits you? Stop right there and think about this: how about a two-wheeler. As buggy designers are working on little refinements to their honed masterpieces to compete in the all-terrain market, one new upstart hopes to turn that market on its head. Read More


Every now and again, it’s good to try something different. Never mind 4 wheelers or even 3 wheelers, this is a beautifully designed, heavy-duty 2 wheeler that will tackle any off-road terrain, unlike any other pushchair you’ve seen. Oh, and you pull it. Does that make it a ‘pullchair?’ Read More

Discover Germany

In a world of cheap labour and disposable products, it is refreshing to see a creation that unites adults and children in adoration. Unlike a conventional children’s buggy, the Swiss-made YippieYo Crossbuggy is designed for off-road exploration, taking design cues from mountain bikes to create a long-lasting tool for unbridled family fun. Read More


Parents spend more and more money for young talent: Electronic seesaw, iconic stroller - everything that the parent's heart desires, there at the trade fair for children's equipment in Cologne. The market is booming thanks to spending moms and dads ... Read More

Dear bear and beany

We love to go on family walks and Alice has always been a good walker, but there are times when she gets tired and actually since being at school, she is even more tired. She is getting too big and tall to go on Andy’s shoulders, which was always our fall-back option, so what now? Read More

Twin Love Concierge

I have to admit my Husband and I were surprised! Once setup, which took us a matter of minutes, it was very easy to maneuver and a delight to pull. The girls hopped in straight away and their combined weight of 30+kgs felt like nothing at all. Read More