About Us


Why choose YippieYo? Because it lets you
be active with children …

Fed up of the usual walks? Do you long for the countryside, for exercise and fresh air away from the pavements and pedestrian areas? Would you like to spend active leisure time with your children, having adventures together in the great outdoors – in the mountains, in the woods or on the beach? If so, then this is where we come in! We have taken and combined elements from a pushchair, a hand-drawn cart and a child carrier to create an all-terrain buggy that is highly manoeuvrable and durable enabling you to enjoy tours uphill and down dale to the full – the YippieYo “Crossbuggy”.

Interested in Knowing Us?

YippieYo AG is a new enterprise based in Switzerland, in the canton of Schwyz on the shores of Lake Zurich. Our vision: to offer parents with young children more freedom and exercise and a larger scope of choice when it comes to spending time together as a family in the great outdoors. And not just on paved roads and paths, but in places where adventure and discovery are guaranteed – on the beach, in the forest, on meadows, in the mountains. To this end, we have developed and constructed a ground-breaking, high-quality children’s buggy suitable for every type of terrain – the YippieYo Crossbuggy.

Our Sole Mission

We want to give parents with young children more freedom, greater scope when it comes to spending active time together as a family in the great outdoors – from hikes filled with adventure to eventful days out to long, leisurely strolls along the beach. Our aim is to enable families to enjoy more free space and access to a greater scope of terrain and to encourage a love of nature, exercise and fresh air despite the varying abilities and requirements of parents and children. To this end we have developed and are now producing a totally new all-terrain buggy – the YippieYo Crossbuggy.

Our Interpretation of Sustainability

The YippieYo Crossbuggy is made using highest-quality aluminium which can be completely recycled. All the seat covers and other components can be replaced, if necessary, without having to dispose of the entire buggy. What we produce is not a throw-away product, but rather a high-quality, durable product that can be recycled almost in its entirety. We avoid long transport routes and we refrain from using materials produced under unfair working conditions in the Far East. Instead, we manufacture and invest where our customers live and work, predominantly in Germany and Switzerland, and in other EU countries.