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The Coastal Mummy (United Kingdom)

As we are in the countryside, the Crossbuggy fits in so well and it really does turn heads. There are loads of beach and woodland walks to do local to where we live and as the Crossbuggy is such brilliant quality and it is solid and sturdy so we know we can use it anywhere without any problems at all. Read More

Dutch Dutch Goose (Netherlands)

It is like no stroller you’ve seen before. The Crosbuggy “stroller” is a mix between a cart and child carrier. It is a two-wheeled buggy with a lengthy handle. It seats two and has a netted storage area in the back for small objects. The handle is curved at the end and has a hand brake. The sturdy aluminum construction is an engineer’s dream – it’s strong but lightweight,... 

what the Redhead said

So, when we heard about YippieYo it looked like a logical next step for us. The YippieYo Crossbuggy is a pull along vehicle for children that looks like a cross between a pushchair seat and a trailer. We were sent a YippieYo Crossbuggy to review and I loved it immediately. Read More

You Baby Me Mummy (United Kingdom)

“As if by magic, just as I was contemplating our options, I heard from YippieYo who have created their unique Crossbuggy. They combined elements from a pushchair, a hand-drawn cart and a child carrier to create an all-terrain buggy that is highly manoeuvrable, durable and with space for two children aged from one to six. Although we only have one child, we knew the extra space would come in... 

Zwillingsratgeber (Deutschland)

With its very low center of gravity and its big wheels, the buggy is very easy to maneuvre. It can be easily turned on the spot and after a few minutes I had the hang of it. Even tight turns can be taken and small obstacles can be bypassed effortlessly. With only 12 kg the Crossbuggy is extremely light and even with two children inside it can be pulled... 

Einer schreit immer (Österreich)

For me, quality and sustainability are very important. The Crossbuggy is produced in Switzerland and assembled in a big sheltered workshop in Germany. All materials are made in the EU and the frame can be completelty recycled. The washable and dirt repellent seatcovers are fully compliant with the highest OEKO-tex standards and are free of any harmful substances – you can really drive this buggy with a good conscience....