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In a world of cheap labour and disposable products, it is refreshing to see a creation that unites adults and children in adoration. Unlike a conventional children’s buggy, the Swiss-made YippieYo Crossbuggy is designed for off-road exploration, taking design cues from mountain bikes to create a long-lasting tool for unbridled family fun. Read More

Lakeview Magazine

The start-up company YippieYo, founded in the canton of Schwyz, has set itself the goal of enabling active parents with small children more freedom and mobility away from paved roads. Your solution: A perfect all-terrain vehicle handmade in Switzerland. Read More

OUTDOOR CAR YIPPIEYO - The Yippieyo gives a convertible feeling: The one- to six-year-old children sit strapped, but not covered in off-road vehicles and are in touch with nature and all the bumps on the way ... Read More


Parents spend more and more money for young talent: Electronic seesaw, iconic stroller - everything that the parent's heart desires, there at the trade fair for children's equipment in Cologne. The market is booming thanks to spending moms and dads ... Read More

Swiss family

Switzerland is a hiking country. From almost everywhere you are in the middle of nowhere in the woods, on a mountain or on a stream. No wonder, people here love hiking - and pass on this love to their children ... Read More