Monat: Januar 2019

Yummy Mummy

Go off-road and experience the outdoors with the YippieYo Crossbuggy, a completely new, safe and high-quality off-road buggy for two children aged from one to six. The innovative and light-weight aluminium frame ensures stability and agility even in difficult terrain. Read More

Little London

This is a fantastic buggy for those with a love of adventure. It’s exciting to use, and the kids love it. That said, it doesn’t have a rain cover – essential in London – and it’s big to store in the house because it doesn’t collapse completely. Read More

Made For Mums

Looking for an all terrain buggy but finding it hard to choose which three or four-wheeler best suits you? Stop right there and think about this: how about a two-wheeler. As buggy designers are working on little refinements to their honed masterpieces to compete in the all-terrain market, one new upstart hopes to turn that market on its head. Read More


Every now and again, it’s good to try something different. Never mind 4 wheelers or even 3 wheelers, this is a beautifully designed, heavy-duty 2 wheeler that will tackle any off-road terrain, unlike any other pushchair you’ve seen. Oh, and you pull it. Does that make it a ‘pullchair?’ Read More

Country Child

YippieYo offers parents freedom and exercise with young children, by providing a wider range of choice to spending time outside. With busy family lifestyles, it's so easy to occupy the kids with an iPad or the TV, but YippieYo aim to change that... Read More

Fit for Life

Ein ganz spezielles Kinderwagenmodell bietet das Schweizer Unternehmen YippieYo an. Der Crossbuggy, eine Mischung aus Kinderwagen, Mountain Buggy und Leiterwagen, eignet sich vor allem für Eltern, die gerne wandern und viel Zeit in der Natur abseits geteerter Wege verbringen... Read More

Childhood Business

A completely new type of stroller - The Crossbuggy YippieYo is aimed at active parents who want to get out into nature with their children. Read an Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tanja Ripperger, Managing Director of YippieYo, on how it came to the vehicle ... Read More