Children Outdoor


The new YippieYo twin cart has even more outdoor fun in store for families on the go. Designed as a cross buggy, YippieYo comes with large disc wheels, an axle with suspension and a drawbar, making the cart suitable for all terrains. Read More


For demanding terrain, the Chrossbuggy is made by YippieYo. The company from Wollerau, Switzerland, has developed a manoeuvrable sibling carriage for two children (weighing up to 40 kg) that can be pulled on any demanding terrains where other buggies can’t reach. Read More

Dear bear and beany

We love to go on family walks and Alice has always been a good walker, but there are times when she gets tired and actually since being at school, she is even more tired. She is getting too big and tall to go on Andy’s shoulders, which was always our fall-back option, so what now? Read More

Twin Love Concierge

I have to admit my Husband and I were surprised! Once setup, which took us a matter of minutes, it was very easy to maneuver and a delight to pull. The girls hopped in straight away and their combined weight of 30+kgs felt like nothing at all. Read More